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Users deserve more
of your attention

Meeting the basic needs of customers and providing services that exceed their expectations. Offering excellent technical services, such as product consultation and technical education and training. We continue to collaborate with physicians, regularly offering workshops and technical courses with the goal of advancing treatment techniques and product effectiveness in sync.

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Focus on doing one thing well

Stringent product quality inspection systems ensure product quality and product licensing. With ISO 13485:2016 and QMS certifications, we possess a complete quality system with long-term tracking records of quality. Products undergo various tests, such as endotoxin testing, residual evaporation testing, metal elution, pH testing, and efficacy testing, and have obtained registration certificates from the Ministry of Taiwan food and drug administration and drug management.

Embrace change
and new challenges

Enhance product usability and effectiveness to provide patients with better medical results. Starting from improving product usage and effectiveness shortcomings based on clinical needs, we develop new medical devices that enhance efficacy and offer high added value through our research and development team.

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